Best Three Antivirus Andriod Apps
Here we are discussing the Best three antivirus android apps that deliver complete virus protection and Internet security and also protect against latest viruses.

1.Mcafee Security for Mobile:

Mcafee  Mobile Security is a long term established Android apps. Mcafee support provides a level of features you would expect to find from any brand. Some of the features  of Mcafee Support Security includes:
  • Gives you on-demand and real-time threat protection.
  • You can check your data exposure via installed apps.
  • Provides option to lock certain apps away from prying eyes.
  • Some features like device backup options, Find device mode requires some additional permissions and email registration before getting access to it.
  • If you want to prefer premium version, then it's an expensive option for you.
  • Mcafee support security added a power booster into the apps.
  • The protection which Mcafee support offers is really good and unfortunate.

2.Kaspersky  Internet Security:

   Kaspersky is the well-established name in the field of antivirus and security packages on the laptops. It brings a lot of that protection to your mobile with its Android apps.Some of the features of Kaspersky  includes:
  • With Kaspersky Internet Security you will get anti-virus,anti-theft, and anti-phishing features.
  • Protects you with real time, web protection and some of the privacy options.
  • To get the full package yo o will have to pay$14.95 per year for the premium version of the app.The premium version has extra features like call and text filtering.
  • If you want to test the premium features, download  Kaspersky then you can use  30-day trial to activate within the app.
  • It is very good in picking up download Kaspersky
  • You can antivirus and security from our site at  Mcafee support.

3.Avast  antivirus and security for Mobile:

    Avast antivirus and security is the most featured package. Avast antivirus is the favorite free option for  Windows.If you want an android app then its apps are really impressive.  Some of the features of Avast Android apps are:
  • Andriod apps take care of all security, cleaning of junk, Ram boosting and other needs.
  • Avast has real-time and on-demand scanning.
  •  Ability to check the security of your current  WIFI connection.
  • Ability to lock specific apps so that you only can open them.
  • If you want to display ads then you need to pay for the premium version yearly or monthly basis.
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